SDT ultrasound solutions

SDT International is a Belgian company – world leader in the development of ultrasonic devices for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of technical equipment in industry.

SDT International’s ultrasonic tools detect leaks and moving part failures in equipment at an extremely early stage. In machine and plant maintenance, costly breakdowns and the consequences of unplanned production stoppages are prevented with ultrasound. The systems are used for:

  • Detection of leaks of compressed air, vacuum, gas;
  • Monitoring of bearings, even at very low speeds, up to 1 rp 15 min;
  • Tracking of moving machine elements using the vibration method in combination with ultrasound;
  • Real-time monitoring of the greasing;
  • Detection of faults in electrical panels, power distribution installations, transmission lines (corona effect, electrical discharge, etc.);
  • Leak detection in pipelines;
  • Inspection of valves, dampers and condensate pots;
  • Detection of cavitation at pumps;
  • Inspection for leaks.
Доживотна гаранция на уреди SDT

Lifetime warranty

The instruments offered by the Belgian company SDT come with a lifetime warranty when calibrated every 12 months.

Why the calibration?

Periodic calibration ensures the integrity and quality of the data used to make decisions about your assets.

We can calibrate your instrument!


Metallurgy, mining and paper, energy, shipbuilding, aircraft, automotive, transportation, printing, pharmaceutical and food industries, etc.


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